Not getting back

It was tough to understand her, it was only her which mattered to him, where her priorities were all different, its like a hope now, where one get it through prayer and the other by his hardwork. Where if he matters to her would have least chance. He would always thought he was the best, until he met her, they always say someone is above you, he realised it that day. But when it comes to falling for someone , he was the weakest and the closest were not around. He went through that path before, which he never wants to visit again, where he gave his lungs for that days, never want to lose his heart again. Giving back to what you get is tough, but he would always try to keep up to the mark. Feeling for someone hurts when you do not get it back, and being happy with that feeling was a part of him now. Its all about the decision which he cannot take, as staying would make him happy once and leaving would lose the happiness forever.



Then one day you met someone, not knowing about the future, it felt like you are already with her from decades, its says they are similar, but it was a mirror image, wanting and predicting was almost one word now. They were short of time, with a lot of hopes, understanding the situation was not tough, it was unbearable. Past was scary which is stuck in his head, moving on was not an option.He nervously predicted the future which was optional for her. He was always there for her, but the time doesn’t know the meaning of always.It changed.

Far Away

He gave his every try to get her, where she was busy enjoying the life,

yeah she was write at some point , but knowing the fact she ignored ,

where he would have done whatever she would have told , but then the silence in middle of the sea got them away.


she always took the boon of the fact she knew,

there were many promises behind the fake talks,

priorities were the last thought in her mind where she only thought of the benefits,

Though he knew all the facts ,

Its was the worst days where he couldn’t go back , where its heart was stuck,

and couldn’t go forward as he would fool himself.